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    my goal in life is to make chris evans laugh while standing within arm’s reach of him

    you know why

    it feels like the right time to bring this post back.

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    I also realized Pippin was singing that to Denethor at the time where he was going mad. Bilbo is watching Thorin going mad.

    As well both of them watch as they sent their heirs off to die.

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    I wish the ring had never come to me,

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    on a scale of one to ten how dead is the hobbit fandom right now?

    thorin oakenshield 

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  • Hearing Billy Boyd though.

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    Hearing Billy Boyd’s voice again feels like coming home after being away for years.

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Will you fight with me? One last time.

    Will you fight with me? One last time.

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    Will you follow me, one last time?

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  • Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened?

    #sobs  #tolkien  #lotr  
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    I’m glad to be with you, Tolkien fandom. Here at the end of all things